Pick Up Truck WT-1500
Pick Up Truck WT-1500
Pick Up Truck WT-1500

Pick Up Truck WT-1500

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Inspired by the American-made, 4×4, all-terrain Pickup Trucks, Wood
Trick chose to launch its own heavy-duty truck– the wooden “Pickup WT-1500” constructor. This model features a more sculpted exterior design, with headlights that integrate into the front grille.

The full-size pickup received off-road tuning, while preserving the exceptional power of its forms that provides for a solid appearance for the pickup.  Wooden “Pickup WT-1500” has a prototype of the original V6 engine, as well as a suspension, canister, fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. Assembling such a unique vehicle kit, you can
demonstrate to your child all necessary attributes of any type of transportation.
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  • Material: Eco-friendly plywood
  • Quantity of parts: 278
  • Model size, l*w*h* : 8.27*3.35*3.30 in / (210*85*84 mm)
  • Assembly time: 3 hours
  • Weight of the model in package: 1.06 lb (0.484 kg)
  • Recommended Age: 14+